Savoury Pork Belly & Cabbage Soup

June 04 2019

Looking for a delicious yet simple one-pot dish for a midweek dinner? Try this Savoury Pork Belly & Cabbage Soup recipe made with Winkler Meats Vally Lea Farms Berkshire Sired Pork. You can serve this with rice or noodles, or as is.

Vally Lea Farms Berkshire Pork can be purchased at 6 Red River Coop Grocery - St. Vital, Southdale, Grant Park, Lorette, Stonewall and Selkirk

This recipe was prepared in a 6qt dutch oven. Adjust quantities to suit pot size.



- 1/3 head of cabbage

- 3/4 lb - 1 lb of pork belly. Best refrigerated, then firmed for 1 hr in the freezer. Cut into 1/8” thick long strips [like bacon]

- Savory broth of your choice to cover by about 2 inches about 6 or 8 cups. Season to preference.



Cut the core out of cabbage head, peel large outer leaves off and lay flat [about 10]

Prepare broth in a separate pot, bring to boil.

On flattened cabbage leaf, lay flat one 1/8” thick piece of pork belly. With knife then cut a cabbage leaf to the size of the pork belly. Repeat to suit the diameter of pot [ about 25 - 30]

In the bottom of cooking pot take prepared pork and cabbage strips and place vertically, starting on outside of the pot and working inwards [ like rose petals]. Continue until the pot is full to centre. If you run out of the pork and cabbage combination continue with just cabbage leaf strips cut to the same dimension until the centre of pot is reached.

Pour boiling broth slowly onto of pork and cabbage, heat to reboil, then simmer, covered, for about 10 minutes, or until pork is cooked.


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