Back to School Snack & Lunch Tips

August 30 2022

It’s almost time for back to school. Kids and parents are excited, but the daunting task of being prepared with breakfast, lunch, and snacks can be overwhelming for parents. Not only must you ensure your kids get to school on time with all their supplies, but they also need healthy food. Here are some great ways to make lunch and snack time fun and healthy this school year.

Plan your Week

Don’t try to wing it. You’ll end up eating convenience food and skipping the nutrition every kid needs the most during the school year. Instead, make a quick plan on the weekend that includes lunches and snacks for the week. Shop once for everything you need, and you won’t have to think about lunch or snack ideas all week. Make sure each lunch and snack includes a healthy protein. Not only does protein taste good, but it will keep them fuller longer, which is essential when they’re working hard in school. A great protein option for your family's lunches and snacks is Winkler Meats farmer sausages and Valley Lea Farms Berkshire sired pork.

Bulk Prepare Snacks and Freeze Them

If your kids have a favorite snack, prepare them in bulk and freeze them. Then, all they have to do when they get home is pop the snack in the microwave. It’s easy and empowering for kids because they can help themselves and less stress on you!

Involve Kids in Lunch Preparation

Parents usually enjoy packing their kids’ lunches for the first couple of days, but it gets old quickly. This year, have your child help prepare lunches or provide input on what should go in their lunch. Giving your children options and a say in what they eat will reduce the number of complaints and uneaten lunches this year.

Shake it up with Salads

Salads are a great way to provide variety in your child’s lunches. You can switch up the protein, add new veggies, and get creative with different ‘crunch foods’ to add texture to their salads. This is another way kids can help. Let them come up with their salad concoctions for a little variety and fun.

Final Thoughts

Back-to-school time is bittersweet. It’s hard to bid farewell to summer and hello to routine, but with the proper steps, you can make it easier on everyone. This year, involve your kids as much as possible in meal and snack planning. Even let them help you prepare and pack them. Before you know it, you’ll have a routine that works for everyone, and everyone will enjoy healthy, homemade snacks and lunches!